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After frequent incidents of American military helicopter crashes, the Chief of Staff of the Army has ordered the pilots to be grounded.
According to the news agency AFP, four US military helicopters have crashed in the past few weeks, after which all the pilots who were not part of an important mission have been grounded.
On Thursday, two Apache helicopters collided in an accident in which three soldiers were killed and one was injured.

Two weeks ago, two Blackhawk helicopters crashed in the state of Kentucky, killing nine people.
According to the statement issued by the US Army and according to the orders of Chief of Staff General James McConnell, all pilots will not be able to fly helicopters until they complete the necessary training.
According to the statement, the US Army will review risk management systems, aircraft maintenance training programmes, aircrew training, and other factors.

In the past few years, several US military helicopters and planes have crashed. In February of this year, a Black Hawk helicopter crashed during a training flight, killing two National Guard personnel.
Last year, a V-22B Osprey was destroyed during NATO exercises in Norway after it likely crashed into a mountain, killing four US servicemen.

In 2021, a T-45C GoShock jet aircraft crashed in a residential area in Texas during training, but two Navy pilots survived the accident. The pilots had jumped with the help of a parachute before the plane fell.

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