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According to reports from “Indonesia Post” and other foreign media on the 29th, an old man in his 70s in Indonesia, Sarneli, had hidden the cash he had saved in different corners of his home for decades. I was sick in bed recently, so I told my family the secret. In the end, his relatives and neighbours all mobilised and found more than 100 million Indonesian rupiah (about 47,000 yuan) in cash.

Reports say Sanare has spent decades saving money from duck sales, begging, and grants from the government. He packed banknotes and coins in plastic bags and iron buckets and hid them in different corners of the house, including under the mattress and under the bed. Sanare was bedridden for two months when his nephew asked him if he had money, and Sanare told him the secret. Neither the old man’s relatives nor neighbours knew that the old man, who lived alone, had saved money. so much money.

In order to find the hidden cash in the room, all the relatives and neighbours in Sanare mobilised to help find and count the money day and night, and finally found 104 million Indonesian rupiah (about 49,000 RMB) in good condition. There are also up to 10 million Indonesian rupiah (about 4,700 yuan) damaged. Local banks say most of the money in Sanare is worn out but still valid and convertible. (Overseas Net Zhang Ni)

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