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According to the report of the Associated Press on the 4th, on May 3, the Mexican side released a letter sent to the US side on the 2nd, criticising the US government’s funding of anti-Mexico government organisations and institutions. Interventionism” and called on the White House to come forward to end the interference.

“For some time, the U.S. government, and USAID in particular, has been funding organisations that speak out against the legitimate Mexican government,” the Mexican government wrote in the letter. This is clearly an interventionist act that violates international law and the relationship that should prevail between sovereign states. The letter also said the U.S. State Department recently announced that the U.S. Agency for International Development would increase funding for such organisations.

This is not the first time Mexico has asked the U.S. government to stop funding anti-Mexican government organisations and institutions. Mexico made similar criticisms in a diplomatic note two years ago, ahead of a virtual meeting with U.S. Vice President Harris. In addition, Mexican leaders have repeatedly called publicly on the U.S. government to end its “interventionist” policies.

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