Russian President Putin

Russia accused Cochrane on Wednesday of carrying out a nighttime drone attack on the Kremlin to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin.
However, according to Reuters, a senior official of the presidential office of Ukraine said that the “Council of Ukraine” is not related.
It should be noted that this is the most dramatic accusation by Russia during the 14-month-long war.

The Kremlin says, “You have said on President Putin’s territory that two drones are used, but they are disabled by the defense system.”
The statement added that “Russia replied that your right is protected.”
The Kremlin appears to think Russia could use the statement to escalate its war in Ukraine.
According to the Kremlin, “two unmanned drones were coming towards the Kremlin, but due to the rapid action of the military and special forces, both data were disabled.”

“We planned this move, and what happened was the assassination of President Vladimir Putin.”
Reza, a Telegram channel affiliated with the Russian military, released a video showing a flying object approaching the Russian dome.
However, in the past, even the dome exploded from the expert, followed by intense rays of light.

could not immediately verify the video from independent candidates.
In a statement issued by the presidential office, it is said that “particles of the drone fell on the Kremlin complex, but there was no loss of life or property.”
“Putin, the alleged then-president, was not in the Kremlin and was working from his location outside Moscow,” the RIA news agency said.

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