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Indian Tamil Nadu has been on high alert ahead of the release of the Hindi film “The Kerala Story” this week.
According to the Hindustan Times, Alaa Askari said that “there have been reports of protests from some quarters.” Our intelligence wing looked into his social media messages.
According to the government agency, “In some district groups, the film was demanded to be banned in order to gain access to the police, but the government is not banning it.” Even Kerala has not banned it. However, we have called people on high alert to the law enforcement agencies who are scared.

The official also confirmed that reports of the intelligence wing recommending the government not release the film are not true.
You say that no suggestion was made by the intelligence officers, and no such decision was taken by the government.
On Wednesday, Rose rejected the film’s protest petition and requested that the petition be filed in the Kerala High Court, where the petitions were already filed.
After the release of the film, a Muslim scholar from Jamiat Ulema Hind approached the Supreme Court.

On behalf of the petitioner, it was stated that the film has completely hurt sentiments and questioned livelihood and employment. In order to seek an injunction against the release of the film, it has issued a warning that the story of the film is fictional and has no resemblance to any person living or dead.
According to the petition, the ‘film’ starts with the message that it is based on a true incident. It is said that 32 thousand girls from Kerala have been recruited into ISIS from West Asia; even the United Nations, Union Home Ministry, police officials, and lawyers confirm that the number of ISIS recruits from India is there. 66 and more people who support ISIS number between 100 and 200.’

Kerala supremo Pinarayi Vijayan accused the prime minister of waging a “war on Sangh’ and making the film ‘companions of communalism’.
On the other hand, political party MPP Shashi said on Monday that if anyone can prove that 32,000 women were forcibly converted to Islam in Kerala, they will be given a reward of Rs 1 crore.
National award-winning cinematographer PC Sriram, who hails from Tamil Nadu, tweeted on Wednesday, “What is this?” The Kerala Story: Is It The Famous Nonsensical Propaganda Movie “The Kashmir Files”?

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