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A bill has been introduced in the US House of Representatives that would prevent the Israeli government from using US aid to persecute civilians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
According to Arab News, this bill was presented at a time when there has been an increase in violent incidents by the Israeli army and settlers in the past five months, in which more than a hundred civilians have been killed. While dozens of Israelis, including soldiers and settlers, were also killed.

Congresswoman Betty McCollum
Congresswoman Betty McCollum

The bill, once again introduced by Congresswoman Betty McCollum, prohibits the Israeli government from using US funds to unilaterally annex Palestinian land.
Congresswoman Betty McCollum told Arab News that the abuse of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention in the West Bank, the seizure or destruction of Palestinian property and homes, and the use of American public money will not be allowed.

He said that not even one dollar of US aid should be used for human rights violations, the destruction of homes, or the permanent annexation of Palestinian land.
“The United States provides billions of dollars in aid to the Israeli government every year, and these dollars should be spent on Israel’s security, not on actions that violate international law.”

“Congress has a responsibility not to turn a blind eye to the abuse of Palestinian children and families under Israeli military occupation,” added Betty McCollum.
He said that support for the Palestinian people, who deserve justice, equality, human rights, and the right to self-determination, is growing rapidly.

It should be noted that since the joining of members of far-right political parties in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government, there has been an increase in violent incidents against Palestinians.
The bill, introduced by US Congresswoman Betty McCollum, has the support of 75 organizations, including Christian and Jewish groups.

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