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Overseas Network, May 6th According to a report by the US “New York Post” on May 5th, a 3-kilometer-long road in Marin County, California, USA was occupied by homeless people. Drug storage places.

According to reports, Binford Road in Novato has been transformed into a “homeless community” by the homeless. The homeless use dilapidated RVs to “set up camp” for free on the side of the road. A total of 71 vehicles were parked. On the roadside, bivouac campsites are up to 3 kilometers long.

This highway has also become a place for criminals to hide. When the local police were investigating the case, they accidentally found the body of a man who had overdosed in a trailer next to the highway, and searched a large number of guns and marijuana in the vehicle of the deceased.

Local resident Casey expressed dissatisfaction, “I have lived here for 40 years, and I can’t park my car on the city streets. How can the local government allow homeless people to do this?”

Another resident said that he disagreed with the homeless taking over public property “without spending a penny”, “I don’t want this to become another San Francisco.” It is understood that the average local house in Marin County sells for more than $1 million, and homeless campers can park their cars for free.

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