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The foreign ministers of the Arab countries have decided to return Syria to the Arab League after a decade.
According to Arab News, the Secretary General of the Arab League, Jamal Rushdi, said on Sunday that this decision was made at a meeting of Arab foreign ministers held at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.
Remember, Syria’s membership in the Arab League was suspended twelve years ago after the revolutionary movement that started in March 2011.

In recent days, several Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have made high-level visits to restore relations with Syria, but some countries, including Qatar, have opposed the full restoration of relations with Syria without a political solution.
Arab countries are trying to reach a consensus on inviting Bashar al-Assad to the Arab League summit in Riyadh on May 19.

On Sunday, the foreign ministers of the member states of the Arab League gathered in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, to participate in two extraordinary meetings on the issues of Syria and Sudan.
During the meeting, the Syrian crisis and the latest situation in Sudan were discussed.
Last week, a consultative meeting of the foreign ministers of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, and Syria was held to discuss the return of Syrian refugees from neighbouring countries.

The meeting discussed how the Syrian authorities would establish control over the entire country and solutions to drug trafficking.
As a result of the war situation that followed the movement, at least five lakh people died, and half of the country’s population was forced to migrate.
In the Arab League, the representative organization of the Arab countries, all decisions are generally made by consensus, but some cases are also decided with the support of a simple majority.

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