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Two Palestinian youths were killed by Israeli fire during a raid by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank on Saturday.

According to the British news agency Reuters, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has said in a statement that two Palestinians who were shot dead by the Israeli occupying forces were taken to the Thabit Public Hospital in the city of Tulkarm.

The Ministry of Health report further states that the two Palestinians were 22 years old and died from gunshot wounds to the chest, neck, and abdomen.The Israeli forces explained that the two dead men were involved in a shooting in the West Bank area of Avni Haftas on May 2, 2023, during which an Israeli was wounded.A statement from the Israeli army said that two armed men were shot dead while trying to flee the area after the shooting.

It should be noted that the tragic incident that occurred earlier this week is part of a year-long exchange of cross-border attacks and violence between Israel and Gaza.After repeated Israeli raids in the occupied West Bank, a series of retaliatory attacks on Israelis by Palestinians have also been seen.

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