Quan Hongchan won the championship

In the Diving World Cup Montreal competition that ended on the 8th, Beijing time, Quan Hongchan won the women’s singles 10-metre platform championship with 458.20 points, and her teammate Chen Yuxi won the runner-up with 438.90 points. The two Chinese players split the lead and took the top two again!

In the final, Quan Hongchan continued her excellent form in the preliminary rounds. In five rounds, she ranked first in four rounds. Two of the jumps received full marks, including the difficult movement 207C (three and a half backward somersaults with a knee tuck).

Previously, Quan Hongchan made mistakes on 207C more than once, but this time she defeated herself and performed 207C perfectly in the fourth round. Of the seven referees, six gave full marks. This impeccable jump helped Quan Hongchan aspire to the crown.

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