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Spain has suffered severe heat and drought for days. Spain’s National Meteorological Service said on April 8th local time that the country’s drought and heat in April reached the highest level since 1961.

Data show that the average temperature in April in Spain was 3 degrees Celsius higher than the average for the same period of the year, and the average maximum temperature of the month was 4.7 degrees Celsius higher than the same period of the year. In terms of precipitation, the country’s precipitation in the month was only one-fifth of the same period in normal years.

Affected by the continuous drought, the water level of rivers in many places in Spain has been declining, desertification has intensified, and agricultural irrigation is difficult. The Spanish government has asked the European Union for emergency funding to support farmers whose crops have been severely affected.

According to reports, due to three consecutive years of high temperatures and little rain, Spain entered a long-term drought state earlier this year.

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