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A New York jury has found former US President Donald Trump guilty of sexually assaulting a female columnist.
According to the news agency Reuters, in the nineties, columnist Jane Carroll was about 52 years old at the time.
A New York jury has ordered the former president to pay $5 million in damages to Jane Carroll.

Jane Carroll said in her statement that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in the dressing room of a department store.
The former US president said that he did not know the woman and called her a liar.
Since this is a civil case, the former president will not face charges or jail time, but he will pay a fine.

The former president will not pay the fine during this time if he appeals.
Jane Carell said in a statement: ‘Today the world knows the truth; the victory in the case is not just for me, but for every woman who has suffered because they were not heard or believed.”

Joseph Tecopina, a lawyer for former US President Donald Trump, who will run for office in 2024, told reporters that he would file an appeal against the decision.
The hearing in the case started on April 25, but he did not appear during it.
The former president has termed this decision “disgraceful” and said that he does not know this woman intimately.

In April, the former president provided election regulators with details of more than a dozen of his assets, each worth more than $50 million.

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