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Overseas Network, May 12th According to the British “Guardian” report, on May 12th local time, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was released on bail for two weeks. Imran Khan said he feared he could be arrested again in two weeks.

A judge at the Islamabad High Court in Pakistan has formally granted bail for Imran Khan in the Kadir Trust case. The judge also prohibited the government from arresting Imran Khan in other cases in the next two weeks and asked the government to ensure Imran Khan’s safety.

Imran Khan said on the 12th that he may be arrested again: “I am 100% worried that I will be arrested again.” Khan is still likely to be arrested. “If necessary, Imran Khan will be arrested. The government will not give Imran Khan less guilt.”

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and chairman of the Pakistan Tehrik Insaf, was arrested by the National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan in the capital Islamabad on the 9th on suspicion of corruption. Imran Khan attended a hearing on several cases involving him at the Islamabad High Court on the afternoon of the 9th and was arrested after leaving the court.

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