The robot dog on the field outside the exhibition hall,

On the morning of the 12th, at the 11th China International Police Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Police Expo”). The “Global Times” noticed at the scene that artificial intelligence factors. It can be seen everywhere, and the most visual and intuitive are all kinds of robots. What is particularly eye-catching is that police robots are moving towards a new stage of large-scale application development.

Police Expo

From May 11th to 14th, the 11th Police Expo was held in Beijing Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center. The Police Expo is the most authoritative police equipment event in China. And has been successfully held for 10 sessions since 2002. The Police Expo is also a professional exhibition with extensive influence in the Asia-Pacific region and the world. It has played an important role in strengthening international exchanges of police equipment. Applying and promoting advanced police equipment technology at home and abroad, and promoting the iterative upgrading of police equipment construction.

under water robot
under water robot

Sun Lili, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the 11th China International Police Equipment Expo. And Deputy Director of the Equipment Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. Told the Global Times that the total exhibition area of this year’s Police Expo is 53,400 square meters. With “three halls and two areas” “, that is, the public security organ equipment hall. The international enterprise hall, the domestic enterprise hall, the police-enterprise docking area, and the innovative technology product release area. A total of more than 600 Chinese and foreign companies exhibited the latest police equipment products online and offline.

Yu Bing, Deputy Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the 11th China International Police Equipment Expo and Deputy Director of the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, introduced that compared with the previous ones, this year’s Police Expo highlighted the display of new products and new technologies and rich forums The content and the setting of outdoor activity areas have three characteristics.

Technologies of police equipment

He said that setting up a new product. And new technology release area will allow visitors to learn about the latest products and technologies of police equipment. At the first time; an outdoor activity area will be set up and open to all visitors, aiming to showcase the achievements of advanced equipment construction by public security organs ; Set up an interactive experience activity area, where visitors can experience the police health management solutions in depth, and demonstrate the concept and practice of scientific and technological warm police.

According to reports, this police expo will focus on displaying cutting-edge police equipment and cutting-edge technologies at home and abroad, vigorously promote the modernization of police equipment, and reflect the technological development achievements of cutting-edge police equipment represented by a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, and new materials.

“Global Times” reporters saw various “robots” in the exhibition hall. In front of the booth of a robot company in Guangzhou. The staff was introducing the performance of a police patrol robot in detail to consultants. According to the introduction, this type of police patrol robot has functions such as autonomous patrol. Face recognition, license plate recognition, and audio and video transmission. “The patrol robot can conduct autonomous patrols after setting the track. The automatic driving adopts the most advanced technology in China, including three methods of vision, radar and ultrasonic waves.”

Various technologies

The company said that with the maturity of various technologies and the continuous deepening of applications, police robots are entering a new stage of large-scale application development, and police robots have fully opened a new chapter in man-machine collaborative smart policing.

Another equipment group produces three types of EOD robots: light, medium, and heavy. Among them, the 10th-generation light-weight EOD robot can carry out operations such as detection of suspicious explosives, transfer of unexploded bombs, on-site destruction, and remote detonation under complex terrain and severe weather conditions. According to reports, this type of robot has the characteristics of fast entering the combat state and high environmental adaptability. First of all, in the transportation state, after landing on the vehicle, it can enter the combat state within 20 minutes and start operating operations. Secondly, this type of robot can climb slopes of 35 degrees, stairs of 30 degrees, and trenches with a width of 40 cm to perform operations in complex environments.

Global Times

In front of another booth, a reporter from the Global Times saw an underwater robot skillfully lifting a submerged bottle filled with water to the surface and lighting itself. According to reports, this type of robot is suitable for video reconnaissance and detection, detection and rescue tasks in various underwater environments. It adopts remote control operation and has the characteristics of high reliability, deep diving range, and wide operating range.

In the venue, there is also a throwing robot, which is small in size and equipped with infrared night vision and lighting functions. It can replace manpower to approach explosive, harmful and other complex and harsh environments, and conduct anti-terrorist environmental investigations.

On the field outside the pavilion, a robot dog is moving under the remote control of the staff. At the request of the audience, the staff kicked the robot dog fiercely. But the robot dog did not fall down. This robot dog can be described as versatile. According to the staff, this type of intelligent robot dog can be used for security inspection. And explosion-proof, and can be equipped with mechanical arms. Counter-controllers, explosion-proof launchers, arresting net guns. Type 79 micro punches and other equipment; in addition , the robot dog can also be used for rescue, and can be equipped with rescue equipment, infrared life detector, infrared thermal imaging and other equipment; the intelligent robot dog can be used for inspection and patrol, suitable for electric power, petroleum, chemical, transportation and other industries, and can be equipped with collection equipment , Sensing equipment.

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