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Faced with the immigration crisis, the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States blame each other. The Democratic Party said that the Republican Party used immigrants as “political pawns,” while the Republican Party called the Democratic Party “hypocrisy” and “double standards.”

On the day when the “Article 42 Border Clause” expired on the 11th, the “Protecting the Border Act of 2023,” promoted by the Republicans in the United States, was voted on and passed in the House of Representatives controlled by it.

The content of the bill includes a number of signature tough immigration policies during Trump’s administration, such as building a border wall and tightening immigration asylum approval.

After Biden took office, he stopped the border wall project, adjusted Trump’s multiple immigration policies, and relaxed restrictions on immigration. A large number of immigrants subsequently gathered on the US-Mexico border. However, the bill is not expected to be passed in the Democratic-controlled Senate and may become a “starting point” for bipartisan negotiations on immigration policy reform.

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