Sudan’s ambassador to the United Nations, Al-Harith Idris Al-Harith Muhammad, has said that the government of Sudan has the security situation under control, but citizens are turning to neighbouring countries for refuge, which need urgent humanitarian assistance.
According to Arab News, speaking at a press conference at the United Nations on Friday, Sudanese Ambassador Harith Idris Harith Mohammed said that the Rapid Forces rebels failed to gain control of the country.

Week-long peace talks in Saudi Arabia between the two warring factions of Wadan failed to end the conflict and lead to a permanent ceasefire.
This was despite the declaration of principles signed in Saudi Arabia, which has led to recent attempts at mediation between the two factions.
UN and international efforts to broker a ceasefire between the two factions have failed since the fighting began.
Residents of Khartoum said on Thursday that heavy shelling and airstrikes were heard in the city.

Al-Harith said that women and children are suffering from difficulties in central cities and border crossings.
He said, “The humanitarian aid situation is very bad.”
The United Nations Health Organisation says the death toll from clashes between the warring groups has risen to at least 604. Civilians are also among the dead.

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