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According to foreign media, a 78-year-old American citizen has been sentenced to life imprisonment in China.
According to the news agency AFP, a Chinese court gave its statement about the punishment of the American citizen on Monday.

Jun Shing Wan Liang, a US passport holder and resident of Hankook, was “convicted of espionage and sentenced to life in prison,” the statement said.
The Intermediate People’s Court of China’s eastern city of Suzhou added in its statement that “the political rights of the said person will also be suspended for life.”
In Suzhou, a city in Jiangsu province, suzhou authorities “took necessary action against the 78-year-old man in April 2021 in accordance with legal requirements.”

The statement did not say when Jun Shing Wan Liang was arrested.
No further details of the charges against Liang were given.

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