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In the United States, which has a black history of slavery, racism has a deep soil for survival. From the sinful slave trade in the past, the deportation and massacre of Indians, to the poor situation and tragic experience of minorities such as Africans today, the systemic and pervasive racism in the United States is hard to get rid of. White supremacist forces in the United States are expanding day by day and becoming more extreme and violent.

In December 2022, data released by the FBI showed that more than 7,200 hate crimes were reported across the United States in 2021, but the actual number should be higher. A hate crime survey report released by the Centre for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, covers 18 states and the capital, Washington, DC, with a total population of 196 million people. It shows that in 2021, hate crimes in these areas alone will There were 8,896 cases, higher than the national figure released by the FBI for the same period. Not only African-Americans, but Hispanics and Asians have also suffered from racial discrimination for a long time, and their lives cannot be guaranteed.

Analysts pointed out that one year after the shooting in Buffalo, the United States, which claims to be a “beacon of democracy”, still finds it difficult to speak of fairness and justice in the face of systematic and widespread racial discrimination against minorities. Discrimination, oppression, and persecution of ethnic minorities are reflected in all aspects of social life, such as medical care, education, and employment. The “cancer of racism” has penetrated deep into the bone marrow, but the US government has never taken effective measures to solve this chronic disease. The Democratic Party only needs the votes of ethnic minorities in elections and does not face up to and address the demands of this group at other times; the continued “white supremacy” tendency of the Republican Party has contributed to the discrimination against ethnic minorities. If the U.S. government and politicians still ignore this or even contribute to it, ethnic minorities in the United States may continue to be oppressed by deep-rooted systemic racism.

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