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According to a report by the Belarusian State News Agency on the 15th, Belarusian President Lukashenko inspected the central command post of the Air Force and Air Defence Command and said that the current situation is not critical, but there are some factors that cause concern.

The report by the Belarusian State News Agency has attracted the attention of the Western media. The Associated Press mentioned that after Lukashenko participated in the Russian Red Square military parade on May 9, he did not appear in public for many days, triggering rumours of his health problems. Belarus The state news agency’s report appeared to be aimed at dispelling rumours.

During the inspection, Lukashenko was briefed on the preparation and implementation of the air defence warning mission, according to the Belarusian state news agency. “There’s no need for a lengthy report,” he said. “Let’s look at what’s going on around our country, mostly in the air. We talk a lot about our country’s security, especially in the air. As I see it, we don’t have We are faced with a critical situation. However, there are a number of factors that cause concern”.

The Russian “Kommersant” reported on Saturday (13th) that four military aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces crashed in the Obryansk region bordering Ukraine. According to the report, Lukashenko was informed that after the incident, the alert level of the troops had been raised to the highest level of combat readiness. Regarding the incident, Lukashenko said, “We must respond to this. Since then, we and our troops have been on high alert.”

Regarding the report by the Belarusian State News Agency, some Western media outlets are more concerned that this is Lukashenko’s rare public appearance in recent days. The Associated Press stated that Lukashenko flew home after participating in the Russian Red Square military parade on May 9. Later that day, he appeared in Minsk to commemorate the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II but did not participate in the next few days. other scheduled events, which sparked speculation online about his health. The Associated Press stated that the intention of the Belarusian State News Agency is obvious: to dispel rumours and reports about Lukashenko’s serious illness.

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