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A former US prosecutor has said that the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election was based on weak evidence and flaws.
According to French news agency AFP, the former president’s attorney general, Bill Barr, assigned prosecutor John Durham to investigate the FBI’s allegations in 2019.
John Durham has prepared a three-hundred-page report on this, and it was long awaited.

“Neither US law enforcement agencies nor the Intelligence Committee had clear evidence of collusion,” the report said.
John Durham said that the FBI and the Justice Department used a double standard in the investigation. He said that “senior FBI officials did not seriously evaluate the information received, especially the information received from people connected to politics.”

“Investigators did not adequately investigate allegations of collusion or conspiracy between the US election campaign and a foreign power.”
Former President Donald Trump has welcomed this report and said, ‘Wow! After much effort, Special Counsel John Durham has concluded that the FBI did not want the Trump-Russia investigation at all.

He said that “the American people were deceived in exactly the way they are being given now.” He said this in the context of the recent investigation against him.
The FBI has said in a statement that the current leadership of the agency has made several reforms. “If these reforms had been made in 2016, the flaws in this report could have been avoided.”

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