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According to the inconclusive results of the presidential elections in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has an advantage over his rival Kemal Kilic Daroglu, but the final decision on the next president can be made only on May 28.

According to Arab News, the results show that contrary to public opinion in the polls before the elections and despite the worst economic crisis in Turkey, 49.5% of the votes were in favour of President Erdoan, while his rival Kemal Klçdarolu got 44.9% and Nationalist candidate Sinan Ogan received 5.2 percent of the vote.

On this “tremendous victory” of Tayyip Erdoan, economic affairs expert Timothy Ash said that the president has such skills that the Turkish people, whether they are nationalists or conservatives, all support him.
“Erdogan has gained a clear psychological advantage over his rivals,” says Wolfing Picoli, director of the American consulting firm Tenio. In the next two weeks, he will further develop his national security narrative.

Most analysts believe Kemal Kilic Daroglu and his six-party opposition coalition will find it difficult to defeat Erdogan in the May 28 runoff.

According to the estimate of Emer Packer, associated with the research firm Eurasia Group, there is an 80 percent chance of Erdogan winning in the run-off, the second phase of the elections.
According to Emer Pekar, the inconclusive results show that Erdogan and his allies have been very successful in conveying their message on the themes of terrorism, security, and family values, regardless of whether the voters are most loyal to them. The biggest problem is the economy.

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Elections in Turkey: Is Erdogan’s 21-year rule in danger?

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