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In Ukraine, the Chief Justice of the country’s Supreme Court has been arrested on charges of corruption.
According to the news agency AFP, authorities said on Tuesday that law enforcement agencies had arrested the chief justice of the country’s Supreme Court on charges of accepting $2.7 million in bribes.

In Ukraine, the government has launched anti-corruption measures against high-ranking government officials in order to meet the criteria required for EU membership.
Speaking to journalists in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, the prosecutor of the anti-corruption office said that “the head of the Supreme Court has been detained.”

The prosecutor did not name the arrested chief justice but said he was the chief justice of the country’s Supreme Court and had not been sent a formal ‘suspicion notice’.
According to the Reuters news agency, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, Vysevolud Knyazyu, could not be contacted.

The anti-corruption office announced on Monday that it had uncovered “massive corruption” in the court and released photos showing a pile of new dollar bills on a sofa.

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