The situation of immigrants at the southern border of the United States

The plight of the tens of thousands of migrants who flock across the U.S. southern border each day has reignited renewed attention as the death of another immigrant child in a U.S. border detention facility has been revealed. According to a number of foreign media reports on May 18, before and after the expiry of “Article 42”, the US federal government’s rapid deportation order for illegal immigrants on the grounds of epidemic prevention and control, on the 11th of this month, immigrant shelters in border areas were overcrowded. However, many of the immigrants who were allowed to enter the country were used as props for party struggles and were transferred from border states ruled by Republicans to cities ruled by Democrats, but they had nowhere to live.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported on the 17th that an 8-year-old illegal immigrant girl died while being detained by the U.S. Border Patrol in Harlingen, Texas. According to a report by the Associated Press on the 18th, the girl from Panama is not the first Latin American immigrant to die in a US border detention facility recently. A week earlier, a 17-year-old from Honduras died in an immigration detention facility in Florida. The incidents have reignited concerns about the situation of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Over the past few weeks, a large number of immigrants have flocked to the Mexican border to take advantage of the “window period” after the expiration of the US illegal immigrant deportation order to enter the United States. According to data from the Associated Press, the total number of immigrants detained by the Border Patrol on the 10th was 28,717, double that of two weeks ago; on the 14th, the average immigrant in facilities under the jurisdiction of the Border Patrol was detained for 77 hours, exceeding the maximum limit of 5 hours.

In the border city of San Diego, California, hundreds of migrants were stranded on U.S. territory between the two border walls between the U.S. and Mexico last week. Hawkers get by on food passed through gaps in the border wall.

Pedro Rios, head of a US-Mexico border immigration service organisation, said on the 18th that the simple toilets have been overloaded, and it is a problem for stranded immigrants to go to the toilet. He also made an emergency call at the request of Border Patrol agents after volunteers found an 8-month-old baby “weak and vomiting” stranded outside the border wall.

To free up space at the detention facility, the Border Patrol last week began changing immigration processing, allowing immigrants to enter the country first and travel to other parts of the United States before reporting to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office and filing an asylum application, pending an immigration court decision. The result of the review of the application

However, this change has led many cities favoured by immigrants, such as New York and Chicago, to welcome more immigrants, and the capacity of accommodations is approaching its limit.

In Chicago, government officials say they can’t afford to rent hotels for all the immigrants, and this month they turned playground locker rooms in multiple parks into immigrant “temporary restrooms.” Bureau floor.

In New York, government officials have also tried a variety of “unconventional” methods to accommodate immigrants: putting immigrants in an NYPD school, asking the federal government to reopen a former military airport for immigrants, and planning to put a closed airport An old hotel has been transformed into an immigrant shelter that can provide thousands of rooms. In addition, the New York City government recently arranged for buses to transport immigrants to other parts of New York State, causing dissatisfaction among officials in other parts of New York State.

New York City’s latest move is to use public school gyms as temporary immigrant shelters. The move sparked protests from parents. According to New York Mayor Eric Adams, using school facilities to accommodate immigrants is an “extreme” measure, but New York City’s capacity to accommodate immigrants has reached its limit and there is “no choice.”

In the face of turbulent immigration, Adams issued an executive order last week to suspend the implementation of the law that “the homeless must be found within a specified time limit.”

New York and Chicago, both run by Democrats, have partisanship in their immigration woes.
Since last year, due to party and local interests, state governments governed by Republicans such as Texas and Florida have repeatedly transferred large numbers of immigrants who illegally crossed the southern border of the United States to cities governed by Democrats, including New York, Chicago, and the capital, Washington. Perhaps one of the most impressive images was last Christmas Eve, when hundreds of Latin American immigrants were transported by three buses from

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Facing US-Mexico border immigration crisis, the two parties in the United States blame each other
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US immigration restrictions will be lifted: 80,000 people flock to the border, multiple cities in Texas declare a “state of emergency”

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