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The Philippines has deported two Indian nationals suspected of belonging to a Sikh separatist group.
According to Arab News, Philippine authorities arrested three Indian nationals in March who were linked to the Khalistan Tiger Force. Interpol had issued a red notice in his name.
The presence of these men came to light in the Philippines coincidentally when separatist leader Amrit Pal Singh launched the Khalistan movement. Amrit Pal Singh was arrested in India in April.

According to the Cybercrime and Investigation Centre of the Philippines, these individuals associated with the Khalistan Tiger Force were accused of murder and had escaped from India and arrived in the Philippines on fake passports.

Officials said that “two Indian nationals suspected to be associated with the terrorist organisation Khalistan Tiger Force were deported last night after trying their best to escape.”
According to Philippine authorities, the men were taken into police custody on a Thai Airways flight and handed over to Indian authorities.

Alexander Ramos, executive director of the Cybercrime and Investigation Centre, said the third alleged Khalistan Tiger Force operative is still in the Philippines as he is being tried on extortion charges.
He said that it is suspected that there are more people belonging to the extremist group in the Philippines.

It should be noted that the Khalistan movement has been outlawed in India, and its armed campaign from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s led to controversial military operations in which hundreds of people were killed.

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