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At least 12 people have been killed and dozens injured after a stampede broke out during a soccer match in San Salvador, El Salvador.
According to the Associated Press news agency, the incident happened on Sunday when a league match was being played at the stadium in San Salvador and a large number of people had bought tickets for it.
However, after the start of the match, the big gates were closed while the following people entered through the small gates.

For not opening the big gate, some ticket takers got angry and started a stampede, due to which the gate was broken, there was a stampede, and several people were crushed under the feet of the people.
Eyewitness Diego Arnando, 14, told a local TV channel that he had arrived with his father on Sunday night to watch the quarterfinal match between Ileana Club and Fez at the Monumental Stadium.

He said that the situation worsened when a large number of people gathered at a small gate, and due to the stampede, the gate fell down.
“I fell down, and several people walked over me; some people pulled me out. Two other people who came under the steps died in front of me.

Hector Rivas, father of Diego Arnando, said that the incident occurred because only two small gates were open while the other large gates were closed.

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