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Women will experience both physical and psychological changes during pregnancy, and they will encounter huge challenges both physically and mentally. At this time, the support and care of family members are very important. How do you take care of pregnant women during pregnancy? What precautions should pregnant women have during pregnancy? Read this article and learn easily.

Rest and sleep

Adequate sleep and a regular life should be ensured during pregnancy. Long-term lack of sleep in pregnant women can cause symptoms of brain fatigue. Such as headaches and insomnia and may induce pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome. The sleeping position during pregnancy is also a matter of special concern to everyone.

Medical experts have conducted long-term clinical research. And practise on the sleeping position of pregnant women. And confirmed that in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the best sleeping position is the left-side lying position.

Because the left lying position can reduce the pressure of the enlarged uterus on the inferior vena cava. Increase the blood return of the heart, ensure the blood supply of the foetus. And benefit the development of the foetus,

Hygienic habits

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It is best to use the 7-step hand washing method in life to keep clean, wear a mask when going out, and not go to crowded places to prevent infection. Due to the strong secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands during pregnancy, bathe and change clothes frequently.

The bathing time during pregnancy should be controlled within 15–20 minutes. Don’t deliberately correct some physical problems just because you are worried about future breast milk problems, so as to avoid inducing uterine contractions and causing premature birth. You can correct them after the baby is born.

Appropriate household chores and physical exercise for pregnant women

After pregnancy, you can do daily housework appropriately, but you should avoid heavy physical labour and abdominal compression, let alone lifting heavy objects. In fact, housework is simple physical exercise, and at the same time, the change of body position when doing housework will cause the flow of amniotic fluid, and the flowing amniotic fluid will give gentle stimulation to the foetus.

Proper exercise can be done in daily life to make exercise a habit and a way of life, such as walking or professional activities such as swimming, prenatal health gymnastics, yoga, etc. Professional activities need the guidance of professionals, but do not spend too much time exercising—about half an hour.

In daily life, avoid maintaining a posture for a long time, such as sitting or reclining for a long time, which will have adverse effects on the development of the foetus. It should be noted that whether it is housework or sports, do not run, jump, or exercise too much. stretching and other actions that put pressure on the abdomen to avoid accidents.

pregnant women have to Choose comfortable clothes and shoes

During pregnancy, choose simple, loose, and air-permeable clothes. Because sweat glands and sebaceous glands increase during pregnancy, it is best to choose cotton and air-permeable clothes to facilitate perspiration. Wear comfortable flat shoes before pregnancy.

Pregnancy will bring many changes and discomforts. We believe that there is no better gift to welcome a child than the gentle company of a family.

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