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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the meeting in Papua New Guinea on Monday, in which the leadership of the countries of the Pacific region participated.

According to the British news agency Reuters, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken will also meet the leaders of the participating countries today, and various agreements will be signed.
The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, James Merape, also participated in the meeting. In his opening remarks, he said that India is a leader of the ‘Global South’. This term is used for low- and middle-income countries.

Modi said to leaders of the Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation that India would be a reliable partner in addressing supply chain disruptions and issues arising from climate change.
According to him, “India is committed to a free and open Indo-Pacific.”
Earlier, the Indian Prime Minister wrote on social media that he discussed trade, technology, health, and other issues in the meeting.

US officials say that Washington will provide Papua New Guinea with an additional 450 million dollars in funds, which will be used to combat economic, military, climate change, and health issues.

Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea
Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

On behalf of the United States, the US Commander in Chief, Admiral John Aquino, attended the Papua New Guinea meeting.
Earlier on Sunday, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Merape told the media that the defence agreement would increase the US troop presence over the next decade.
Police Commissioner David Manning has said that tight security arrangements have been made on the occasion of the meeting, and the roads leading to the venue of the meeting in the capital have been closed while the security personnel are in the sea. Boats are patrolling.

The meeting in Papua New Guinea is the biggest event since the 2021 EPIC Summit.
Apart from this, many universities in the country have also objected to the defence agreement, and some have also protested, saying that due to the agreement with America, the country will have problems with China.
However, on the other hand, Prime Minister Merapai has denied it, saying that it will not affect relations with China, which is Papua New Guinea’s main trading partner.

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