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China’s new ambassador to the United States has expressed his determination to face difficulties and fulfil his responsibilities while taking charge.
According to the news agency AFP, Chinese Ambassador Shi Feng is a career diplomat and has extensive experience.
Shi Feng has been appointed ambassador to the United States following the appointment of former ambassador Qin Geng as foreign minister.

A statement issued by the Beijing embassy said that Shi Feng arrived in New York on Tuesday.
Speaking to reporters at the airport, Shi Feng said that “currently, the relationship between the United States and China is suffering from severe difficulties and is facing severe challenges.”
He said that I feel my duty and heavy responsibility. We will face difficulties, fulfil our responsibilities, and fulfil our duty.

US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns congratulated Shi Feng on his new role in a Twitter message.
According to information on the Chinese government website, Shi Feng, 59, is from the eastern province of Jiangsu and holds a master’s degree in engineering.
Shi Feng has been with the Foreign Office since 1986 and, in the 1990s, focused much of his attention on North America.

Before being appointed ambassador to Indonesia, Shi Feng has held various positions at the Chinese Embassy in the United States twice.

Most recently, Shi Feng was appointed as the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong and has also served as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Relations between China and the United States have been strained for some time now, while trade, technology, human rights and other issues are also under tension.
In May this month, China sentenced 78-year-old American citizen John Shengwan to life imprisonment for espionage.

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