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The date of formal proceedings under the criminal case against the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been announced, while on the other hand, he is also running the presidential election campaign with enthusiasm.

According to the Reuters news agency, Donald Trump will face criminal proceedings in March of next year for altering business records and making secret payments to porn stars.
Manhattan District Court Judge Van Merchen announced the trial date in the criminal case, informing the former president that he could not publicly discuss the evidence in the case.

It should be noted that former President Trump has rejected 34 criminal charges against him.
After the hearing, Donald Trump wrote on his social media website, Truth Social, that his free speech rights had been violated.
Donald Trump said that the March 25 action date was forced on him in the middle of the election, which is actually ‘election interference’.

Judge Van Merchen told the former president that the court does not intend to restrict his activities during the election campaign but that he has full freedom to deny or defend himself against the charges against him.
However, Judge Van Merchen said on Tuesday that Donald Trump could be held in contempt of court if he violates the sanctions.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been barred from speaking about grand jury minutes, witness statements and other documents required by prosecutors.
According to prosecutors, the restraining order was necessary given Donald Trump’s behavior so that the former president does not harass his opponents and witnesses on social media.

New York prosecutors say Donald Trump tried to keep secret a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels through his lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Michael Cohen alleges that Stormy Daniels was paid during the 2016 election in exchange for her silence on her sexual relationship with Donald Trump.
By keeping the payment secret, Donald Trump has violated New York state election law.

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