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In an auction held in London, the sword of Tipu Sultan, the famous Muslim ruler of the subcontinent, was sold for 1 crore, 4 million pounds.
According to Indian news channel NDTV, the auctioneer House Bonhams said on Tuesday that the sword fetched seven times the estimate.

Bonhams says that this sword was the most important sword of Tipu Sultan, with whom he had a special relationship.
Tipu Sultan, the ruler of the Mysore state, gained fame from the wars fought in the late 18th century. He fought against the Marathas several times between 1775 and 1779.
Oliver White, Head of Bonhams Islamic and Indian Art, says: ‘This magnificent sword is one of the greatest weapons associated with Tipu Sultan. The Sultan had a personal attachment to him.
This sword was recovered from the private chamber of Tipu Sultan’s palace.

Tipu Sultan was given the nickname ‘Tiger of Mysore’ for defending his kingdom.
According to the Bonhams website, he specialised in rocket artillery and made Mysore the economic powerhouse of India.
According to the auction house, after Tipu Sultan’s death, his sword was presented to British Major General David Baird for his bravery.

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