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A man in the US state of California has been released after spending 33 years in prison in the case of ‘attempted murder’.
Daniel Saldana, 55, has been acquitted, the Los Angeles County District Attorney said Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

Daniel was convicted in 1990 of shooting at a car and injuring students. He was 22 years old at that time.
There were six students in the car that was fired upon. Two of them were injured.
Officials said the attackers mistakenly identified the students in the car and mistook them for gang members.
Daniel Saldana was working full-time at a construction company when the incident occurred.

He was among three people charged in the attack. Saldana was sentenced to 45 years in prison for murder.

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At a press conference with Jumaratco District Attorney George Gascon, Daniel Saldana expressed his joy at his acquittal and said he was grateful for the release.
“It was a constant struggle, waking up every morning in a jail cell knowing I was innocent and screaming for help,” he said.

Daniel Saldana said that he is very happy that this day has come.
The district attorney said that when the authorities received information in this regard in February of this year, an investigation was started.
According to him, in 2017, when another accused in the case was released on parole, he said that Saldana was “not involved in this incident in any way, and he was not there at the time of the shooting.”

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