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South Korean police have started an investigation into the opening of the door of the Asiana Airlines plane during the flight.
According to the news agency Reuters, the plane’s emergency door opened before landing in the city of Daegu on Friday.

According to the airport’s flight schedule, the Airbus A321 plane landed safely in Daegu at 12:30 local time with the doors open.
The plane took off from Jeju Island an hour ago.
According to the emergency aid department at the airport, no one was injured in the accident, but nine passengers were shifted to a nearby hospital who were having difficulty breathing.

According to Jeju Island’s education department, eight schoolchildren were among those who were taken to the hospital.
Asiana Airlines officials say police are questioning a passenger whose seat was near the emergency exit.
According to an airline official, “A passenger sitting near the emergency exit said that he had touched the door lever. Police are investigating the said person.”

An Asiana spokesman said the plane was two to three minutes away from landing when a passenger sitting near the door turned the lever to open it.
In a video posted on Twitter, it can be seen that a strong wind is blowing inside the plane.

According to the spokesperson, when the door was opened, the plane was at a height of 200 meters.
According to the spokesperson, since the plane was landing, all the passengers were wearing safety belts attached to the seats.
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