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According to news from the Serbian Nantong News Agency on the 26th, Serbian President Vucic ordered on the same day to raise the combat readiness of the Serbian army to the highest level and move urgently towards the administrative line with Kosovo.

According to reports, Vucic’s improvement of the combat readiness of the Serbian army is related to the sudden tension in Kosovo.

On the same day, the Serb people in the Zvecan Serb district in northern Kosovo clashed with the Kosovo Albanian police. During the conflict, the Albanian police used tear gas and shock bombs and broke into the administrative building of the Zvecan district. The Zvecan district has been cordoned off by the Kosovo Special Police.

Kosovo is an autonomous province of Serbia that was administered by the United Nations after the Kosovo War ended in 1999. In 2008, Kosovo unilaterally declared independence, and Serbia has always insisted on its sovereignty over Kosovo.

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