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Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband says supporting the Iraq war is the biggest regret of his political career.

According to the British newspaper The Observer, speaking at a literature festival in Wales, David Miliband said that the outcome of the Iraq war was a “real loss” to the West’s moral integrity and claims to establish international peace and justice.
He said that the Iraq war also damaged the anti-Russian stance on accusations of duplicity in the West.

I voted for war. I supported the government’s stand and I have no problem with how wrong it (decision) was.”
David Miliband, currently the CEO of the International Rescue Committee, urged the audience to consider the words of Kenyan President William Ruto, who called for greater attention to other parts of the world, particularly Afghanistan and Palestine. gave
“Yes, there is a lot of poverty in Ukraine, but what about Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Palestine,” Miliband said.

“I think that if we want to know what the role of the West is in world politics, we have to take Afghanistan and Palestine very seriously.”
He called the Iraq war a ‘strategic mistake’.
David Miliband said that the war in Iraq was not a justification for what happened later in Ukraine, but he acknowledged that the West’s ambivalence was a very serious point.
He said that Ukraine united the West, but it largely divided the world except the West.

40 to 50 countries refused to condemn Russia. The reason for his refusal was not that he was supporting the Russian invasion, but that he felt that the West was ambivalent and had been weak in dealing with global problems over the past 30 years.

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