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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced of his victory in the 2nd round of presidential elections.
According to the news agency AFP, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an address to supporters outside his home in Istanbul after the polls, “I am grateful to the Turks for giving me the responsibility to rule the country once again for another five years.” I am.’
He said that the winner of the second round of today’s presidential election is only Turkey.

The 69-year-old leader has successfully weathered the worst economic crisis facing his government and the strongest opposition coalition.
Almost complete results show that President Erdoğan won more than four percent of the vote over his secular rival Kemal Külıdaroğlu.
The celebration started with the victory of President Erdogan in the main cities of Turkey.
Opposition leader Kemal Kuljidaroglu announced that he would issue a statement late Sunday night.

Opposition was created a very strong coalition against President Erdoğan.
Opposition was created a very strong coalition against President Erdoğan.

Turkey’s longest-serving ruler faced a test unlike any he had ever faced, and the election was billed as the most important election in Turkey’s 100-year post-Ottoman era.

Kemal Klçdarolu had formed an extremely strong coalition against President Erdogan, including secular nationalists and religious conservatives, including disgruntled former allies of Erdogan.
Kulji Daroglu made Erdogan appear in the second round of the election for the first time and also reduced the margin of defeat in the second round compared to the first round.

Opposition supporters believed that this was a ‘never-now’ opportunity to prevent Turkey from becoming a personal dictatorship.
“I will ask all citizens to vote to end this dictatorial regime and bring real democracy to the country,” Kuljidaroglu said after voting on Sunday.

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