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On the afternoon of May 28 local time, an apartment building in Davenport, Iowa, USA partially collapsed. According to the foreign media released by the Davenport City Fire Department on the 29th, rescuers have rescued 8 people from the building. It is not clear that how many people are missing and no deaths have been found.

The collapse accident occurred at around 17:00 local time on the 28th. According to media reports, the apartment building has a total of 6 floors, with some commercial premises on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floor. After the collapse, there were gas leaks and large water leaks in the building. There was also a second collapse while rescuers were at the scene, as the stability of the apartment building was already questionable.

Tad, an eyewitness at the scene of the collapse accident: There were a lot of screams and cries. When the building collapsed, many people were shouting for help, but it didn’t last long. After two or three minutes, the whole area became quiet.

Robert, a resident of the apartment building who was rescued: I didn’t realize it at all. It was like an explosion. The building suddenly fell down, the roof fell, and water began to leak everywhere. I was trapped. I lived on the 5th floor and couldn’t get out. The rescuers had to build a ladder and put me in a rescue basket to get out.

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