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China has rejected the request made by the US for a meeting between the defense chiefs of the two countries.
The British news agency Reuters, referring to the Wall Street Journal, said that the United States had said that the meeting could take place at the annual meeting of the Security Forum next weekend in Singapore.

In the statement issued by the Pentagon to the newspaper, it is stated that “China has informed the United States that this meeting will not be possible.”
He said that an invitation was extended to China in early May and that Defense Secretary Austin had requested a meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Li Xingfu.
In the statement, the Pentagon added that the department believes in open communications and wants competition not to lead to confrontation.

Last week, White House spokesman John Kirby said that the Department of Defense was discussing a meeting with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin with his Chinese counterpart.
Lloyd Kirby also said that US Trade Representative Catherine Tay is likely to meet with her Chinese counterpart at the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) meeting in Detroit.

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