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The US Department of Defence, or Pentagon, has announced a security package containing military equipment for Ukraine, aimed at meeting the security and defence needs of the war-torn country.

This is the 39th security package from the Joe Biden administration since August 2021, according to details released on the US Department of Defence website on Thursday.
Ukraine’s combat capability will increase through the American security package. The security package includes critical equipment to increase the capability of Ukraine’s air defence systems to protect its troops, civilians, and key locations from Russian attacks.

This package includes ammunition, anti-tank weapons, and millions of small and large bullets.
The value of the said package has been estimated at $300 million by the Department of Defence.
The United States says that the purpose of giving aid containing military equipment is to provide security to Ukraine in defence of its sovereign territories.

According to the Associated Press, the American news agency, the security package has been given by the United States at a time when the war situation in Ukraine has become very serious, while it is also being said that Ukraine is planning to take a major retaliatory action in the spring. intends to
Keep in mind that a few days ago, Moscow was attacked by drones, which was a major operation since the occupation of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut by Russia.

The package includes advanced missiles and other important war equipment
The package includes advanced missiles and other important war equipment

Following the drone strikes, Russia’s Defence Ministry said five of its drones were shot down while the remaining three were jammed, preventing them from reaching their targets.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has described the drone attack as a “terrorist move by Kiev”.
Thousands of people have been killed in the fighting that has been going on for more than a year.

A US Defence Department official says the drone strikes will not affect the aid package for Ukraine.
He said that the United States is fully committed to helping Ukraine protect itself and its people, while Ukraine has assured that the weapons will not be used inside Russia.

The value of the package is estimated at 30 million dollars.
The value of the package is estimated at 30 million dollars.

According to the Associated Press, the aid package provided by the United States includes stringer missiles, missile batteries, unguided Zoni aircraft rockets, night vision goggles, and three million rounds of ammunition.

It should be noted that last year, Russia attacked the neighbouring country of Ukraine on February 24, and since then, continuous fighting has been going on. Ukraine is supported and aided by the United States, the European Union, and other Western countries.
Similarly, many other countries have imposed sanctions on Russia besides the United States and the European Union.

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