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Australia’s military has banned the use of alcohol during combat operations and exercises ahead of an investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan.
Arab News, citing The Times, wrote that the Australian Special Forces had been under investigation for a long time for alleged war crimes that were published in 2020.
Investigations have revealed that an Australian special forces unit in Afghanistan had a secret bar where alcohol was often consumed.

The Australian Defence Chief has banned the use of alcohol during overseas operations.
An Australian special forces unit has been accused of killing 39 people while deployed in Afghanistan. The personnel of the forces used to organise pardis in a secret bar.
According to the new rules, even during ‘non-combat operations’, army personnel will have to seek permission from military authorities to consume alcohol. A permit will be required to consume alcohol at national festivals as well.

Operational commanders have been instructed to conduct breath tests on personnel from time to time.
According to the new rules, “any officer whose blood alcohol level is not zero during testing will be subject to disciplinary action and will be removed from that military operation, exercise, or activity.”

It was further said that an official who does not undergo the breath test will be immediately removed from duty, and his arms, ammunition, and vehicle will be banned.

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