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According to the British “Daily Mirror” report on the 1st. Former US President Donald Trump compared himself to Da Vinci’s famous painting “Mona” when describing his popularity in an interview. Lisa. The Daily Mirror described it as an embarrassing brag by Trump.

Describing the popularity of his rallies, Trump boasted, “People go to the Mona Lisa — they love the Mona Lisa. They go to it hundreds of times, and they like it more and more. Every time” and “Fans of rock bands will listen to the same songs over and over again”. Trump also compared supporters who attend his rallies repeatedly to theatregoers who watch “a Broadway play 20 times.” He also said that the core content of his speech was “border, military, lower taxes”, “I can’t make up new things just because I want to give a speech” and “but my supporters just want to listen to it over and over again.” Trump also said his supporters sometimes arrive up to four days before rallies. So they can be guaranteed to see their “idol.” “They’ll pitch tents, they’ll wait, they’ll listen to great music, and it becomes a big event, sort of like before a football game,” Trump said.

Trump delivered a speech

The US “Politics News Network” mentioned that Trump delivered a speech. To supporters at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, on the evening of November 15 last year, officially announcing his participation in the 2024 US election. Trump is currently campaigning and competing for the party’s nomination against his main rival. The Republican presidential candidate of the United States, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Recent polls show Trump far ahead of DeSantis. With Trump being the first choice of more than 50 percent of Republican voters in the primary, ahead of DeSantis by 30 points.

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