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According to TASS news agency, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban said in an interview with a local TV station on the 2nd that under the leadership of the current government, Hungary will never go to war with Russia, nor will it be involved in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

According to the report, Orbán’s remarks were aimed at responding to the Hungarian opposition’s claim that “Hungary has gone to war with Russia”.

Asked to comment on comments made by opposition figure and Budapest mayor Carrasoni, Orbán said, “If someone says something like that directly, he’s out of his mind,” the report said.

It is impossible for any sane person who understands the Second World War to allow himself to make such remarks. Orbán further stated, “Hungary will not go to war (with Russia) as long as the current government is in power.”

The report mentioned that Orban also said, “Within the European Union, the vast majority of people are against us. It is very difficult to be the only prime minister representing the peace faction.” He said that, except for Hungary, only the Vatican and Turkey actively opposed the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. While “there are some exceptions in the EU”, the rest of the bloc is counting on military solutions to conflicts.

According to reports, Orbán remains convinced that there are no winners in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, only losers. He believes that Russia and Ukraine can achieve more results through negotiations; “they should strive for peace from the very beginning.”

According to previous media reports, Orban has repeatedly stated that major EU countries and other EU member states are trying to drag Hungary into the Russia-Ukraine conflict, urging it to provide weapons to Kiev, but Hungary is “on the side of peace.” Since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Hungary has repeatedly urged Russia and Ukraine to immediately agree to a ceasefire and start peace talks, while repeatedly expressing its opposition to the sanctions imposed by the West on Moscow.

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