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According to Iranian media reports on the 3rd local time, Iranian Navy Commander Shahram Irani said on the 2nd that Iran plans to form a naval alliance with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to ensure regional peace and stability.

According to reports, Irani said that among the Gulf countries, Oman and Iran have conducted joint naval exercises many times before, and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, and other countries now also hope to carry out maritime military cooperation with Iran. In addition, India and Pakistan will also join the planned naval alliance. Irani said that in the near future, the region will get rid of the army without legal authorization and use its own forces to defend regional security.

Relevant countries have not yet confirmed Iran’s statement about forming a naval alliance. According to a statement issued by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 31, the UAE withdrew from the United States-led joint maritime force two months ago.

Recently, relations between Iran and several Gulf Arab countries have warmed significantly. Following the full resumption of diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates last year, Iran and Saudi Arabia resumed diplomatic relations on April 6, which had been interrupted since 2016.

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