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China has opposed the creation of a NATO-style military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region, saying it would plunge the region into further conflict.
According to the French news agency AFP, China’s Defence Minister Li Xingfu said in a speech at a security conference in Singapore that the effort to create a NATO-style alliance is an attempt to hijack regional countries and exaggerate conflicts. There is a way.

The Chinese defence minister warned that such alliances would push the Asia-Pacific region into a vortex of conflicts and wars.
Beijing has always criticised the US for countering China’s power and strengthening alliances in the region.

The Chinese defence minister added that if a serious conflict arises between China and the US, it will cause unbearable suffering for the world.
US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, who attended the conference, offered high-level defence talks with Beijing on Saturday to avoid any misunderstandings.
On the other hand, on Saturday, the United States deployed a guided missile destroyer from its 7th fleet along with a Canadian ship in the Taiwan Strait. In response, China also sent a ship close to the US destroyer.
From a military point of view, the Taiwan Strait is considered the most dangerous place in the world.

China rejected the US defense minister's offer to meet
China rejected the US defense minister’s offer to meet

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin described the incident as “extremely dangerous”, saying that the Chinese ship had come within 150 feet of the US destroyer Chung Hoan.
Lloyd Austin called on the Chinese government to control such activities and said that such accidents could happen, which would make the situation uncontrollable.

In response to this, Chinese Minister Fa said that the best solution is that other countries, especially their warships, should stop roaming in our airspace and waters.
On the occasion of this security conference in Singapore, the United States also invited the Chinese Defence Minister to meet with Lloyd Austin, which China rejected.

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China rejected the US request for a meeting of defense ministers

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