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According to the French news agency AFP, the British police said on Saturday that the British drug lord, who has been on the run for many years, has been arrested in Thailand and brought back home.
Drug lord Richard Wakeling, 55, fled Belgium in 2016 with $10 million worth of Dutch liquid amphetamines.

The drug lord was sentenced in absentia to 11 years in prison and was listed as a most wanted criminal by the British National Crime Agency (NCA).
According to the Thai police force, the accused had been living in a Thai beach resort for several years on a fake Irish passport, after which he was arrested by the police in Bangkok in February.
According to the NCA, the drug lord was brought to London from Thailand by UK special extradition officers on Thursday and sent to jail after a brief court hearing.

“Richard Wickling believed he would escape punishment after fleeing the UK,” said the NCA’s regional head of investigations, Jacques Beyer.
“This case shows the international competence of the NCA, and we will bring every person who commits a serious crime to justice, no matter how long it takes or where they go.”

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