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The United States has issued an explanatory statement after a Chinese warship came very close to an American destroyer equipped with a guided missile in the Taiwan Strait and called China’s move a violation of maritime laws.

According to the Reuters news agency, a US military official said that the Chinese warship came within 137 metres of the US destroyer in an ‘unsafe manner’, while China has accused the US of deliberately creating threats in the region. giving birth to

The US Indo-Pacific Command said in a statement that the US and Canadian naval forces were conducting joint exercises in the Taiwan Strait on Saturday when the Chinese ship came in front of the US destroyer Chung Hoan. Had to do.
While China expressed anger at the United States and Canada, saying that they are deliberately creating threats.

In a statement, the US Indo-Pacific Command described the Chinese warship’s approach to the US destroyer as a violation of maritime law.
Earlier on May 26, a Chinese warplane flew an “unnecessarily provocative” flight near a US warship in international airspace over the South China Sea.

The spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in Washington, Liu Pengyu, said, without giving details of the incident, that the United States often deploys its planes and ships to monitor China, which pose a great threat to China’s national security.

The US has called the Chinese ship's close approach a violation of maritime laws.
The US has called the Chinese ship’s close approach a violation of maritime laws.

Addressing the security conference held in Singapore on Sunday, Chinese Defence Minister Li Shengfu warned that a serious conflict between China and the United States would cause unbearable suffering for the world.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin was also present at the conference and offered high-level defence talks with Beijing, but China refused the meeting.
The Chinese defence minister had opposed the creation of a NATO-style military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region, saying it would plunge the region into more conflicts.

Li Xingfu said that such alliances would push the Asia-Pacific region into a vortex of conflicts and battles.

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NATO-style alliance will plunge region into more conflicts: China warns

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