Calling a popular app dangerous, Google has banned it from its Play Store and advised users to delete it immediately, especially those using Android phones.

A report by Arabic magazine Saidti cites technology experts as saying that they have found some suspicious things about the app that could cause harm to the user while it also keeps compiling user records.

The name of this app is iRecorder, Screen Recorder, and it has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times so far. Experts have expressed fear that a large number of people may be affected by it.

TechCrunch’s security team, ESET, says that the presence of the application makes it easier for malware and mothrates to access the phone. The application is spy-type software that automatically downloads itself to the phone without the user’s consent. is loaded when using an insecure application.

Hackers take advantage of this, and user data and passwords can be accessed.
Experts also say that when the app was first uploaded to the Google Play Store in 2021, it was clean and safe, but it was later revealed to have added malware.

Mobile can be targeted by malware through i-record
Mobile can be targeted by malware through i-record

According to experts, Android users who installed version 1.3.8 of iRecorder could be vulnerable to malware, whether they manually updated the application later or if it did it automatically.

Hackers nowadays use a new method for espionage called moth rate, which is easily exploited by malware.
Messages, call logs, browsing history, user location, and mobile screenshots can be captured by Myth Rate.

Even remote hackers can use the device for everything from making calls to sending messages and surfing the Internet.
The ECET team says that the application was removed from the Google Play Store after negative comments came out about it.

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