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Hundreds of Indian students are protesting on the streets in view of their fear of deportation from Canada.
According to NDTV, the students say that the Indian students who took admission on the basis of fake documents have been ordered to leave the country by the Border Security Agency.
Recently, the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) sent letters to leave the country to 700 Indian students. Most of these students belong to the Indian Punjab.

The Border Service Agency says the students were provided fake letters for entry.
On the other hand, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has said that he is in touch with the Canadian authorities on the issue of students.
According to him, the Canadian authorities have said that it would be unfair if the students did nothing wrong.

These students requested that the Indian government take up the matter with the Canadian government as they had been cheated.
Many of the protesting students claim to have arrived in Canada in 2018, but the issue of forged letters recently came to light when they applied for Canadian permanent residency.

Student Chamandeep Singh says that on reaching Canada, the agent told him that there were no more seats in the colleges from which the admission letters were sent.
“He told us that the universities no longer have space for more students, so we are being admitted to another college. We did not want to waste the year, so we agreed to his proposal.

Foreigners study in various universities in Canada
Foreigners study in various universities in Canada

Chamandeep Singh added that we got admission to another college and completed our studies, but after three or four years we were told by CBSA that the letter on the basis of which we got admission was fake.

Another protesting student, Lopreet Singh, claimed that the fear of deportation from Canada had affected his mental health, while some even contemplated suicide.

Lopreet Singh said that his parents had spent their entire lives’ savings to enter Canada, and now they have been handed the letters to leave the country.
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