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The President of Iran will visit three countries in Latin America to focus on economic cooperation and opposition to hegemony.

Iran’s official news agency said on the 7th that Iranian President Lehi will visit three Latin American countries next week. This visit has attracted much attention. So, what plans does the Iranian president have for this trip? What changes have taken place in Iran’s diplomatic and economic trends recently? A reporter from China Central Radio and Television brought first-line analysis and observations from Iran.

Headquarters reporter Li Jiannan: According to Iranian official sources, on the 11th local time, Iranian President Rahim will officially visit Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. This visit is also closely watched by the outside world. Iranian public opinion believes that Rahim’s visit to Latin America is a measure for Iran to strengthen relations with friendly countries and expand multilateral political and economic cooperation.

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First of all, this visit is an “economic cooperation trip”. Iran’s official Yitong News Agency issued a document on the 7th stating that during the visit, Rahi will sign a number of cooperation documents involving various fields with the three Latin American countries and will also hold meetings with Iranian businessmen and economic activists in Latin America. According to the commentary, countries in Latin America have different economic capabilities and have close ties with Iran in international affairs. Economic and trade cooperation between Iran and these countries can bring mutual benefits.

Secondly, this visit is a trip to “oppose hegemony and counter Western sanctions”. On the same day last year, that is, June 11, 2022, Venezuelan President Maduro paid an official visit to Iran. An important topic at that time was “opposing hegemony”. During the meeting with Maduro, Iranian President Rahid emphasised that Iran’s foreign policy is to develop relations with independent countries and that Venezuela has shown exemplary resistance under threats and sanctions from the US and the West. Therefore, the analysis pointed out that the return visit to Venezuela at the same time one year later also means that in the past year, the two countries have made substantial progress in jointly resisting US and Western sanctions and opposing bullying and hegemony. Regarding Leahy’s visit to Latin America, several Iranian experts and scholars pointed out that a year ago, Iran and Venezuela signed a 20-year cooperation document between the two countries, which involved energy, petrochemicals, agriculture, shipping, and other fields. During this period, Iran also provided Venezuela with scientific and technological support to help it improve its capabilities in natural gas pipeline construction and oil refining. Sanctions are difficult.

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