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On June 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first evaluation of the Ukrainian army’s counterattack in Sochi. Putin said the Ukrainian army had launched a counteroffensive and used its strategic reserves, but it failed to achieve any of its intended goals.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the media in Sochi on the 9th that the Ukrainian army had launched a counterattack and used strategic reserves, but it failed to achieve any goals.

Putin said that fierce fighting has lasted for nearly five days and nights, and the fighting has been particularly intense in the last two days. The modern weapons of the Russian army have demonstrated their effectiveness, but the number of these modern weapons is still insufficient.

Putin also stated that the Ukrainian army has suffered huge losses in recent days, but the potential for the Ukrainian army to launch an offensive still exists, and the Russian military leadership will assess the reality and make correct responses accordingly.

According to US media reports, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently stated that the counter-offensive operation is a difficult plan for Ukraine, and some results have been achieved. As the Ukrainian ground forces advance, a large number of soldiers will pay the price of their lives.

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