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The Arab League has called on the UN Security Council not to prioritise the war in Ukraine over other global conflicts and their resulting humanitarian crises, such as Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and Sudan in the Arab region. need of

According to Arab News, League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Ghaith told members of the Security Council that the world is at a “tough juncture” where rising tensions between major powers will have collective effects that could lead to nuclear conflict.

He said that there is no collective action to reduce the impact of the conflict.
The Secretary General of the Arab League said that measures are not being taken to address modern challenges such as counter-terrorism, climate change, issues arising from technological advances, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

This statement by Abul Ghaith came on the occasion of a meeting of the Security Council called by the United Arab Emirates.

This June, the United Arab Emirates holds the presidency of the United Nations Security Council, under whose auspices the United Nations and the Arab League are discussing joint actions and ways to address many issues, including regional security and humanitarian challenges.

In this meeting, the United Arab Emirates has emphasised that conflicts and challenges such as the situation in Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Israel-Palestine should also be looked at, due to which millions of people are suffering from indescribable difficulties.

The Arab League has said that Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Kashmir also need attention.
The Arab League has said that Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Kashmir also need attention.

“Countries like Lebanon and Somalia are suffering from serious economic crises where humanitarian aid is needed due to the problems caused by high unemployment and rising inflation.”

According to the Emirates note at the meeting, earthquakes in Syria and Turkey at the beginning of this year added to the problems in the region, where tens of millions of people were displaced.
“Although humanitarian assistance has been good, it has faced difficulties, especially the lack of coordination in support from different donors.”

The Secretary General of the Arab League pointed to the recent tense situation in Ukraine, saying that it has reduced attention to the solution of regional problems and affected humanitarian aid and relief work.

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